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Magnetic Ratchet Organizer - Red

Magnetic Ratchet Organizer - Red

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Our Line of 3D Printer Modular Ratchet Organizers now feature strong Neodymium magnets. The magnets stop the organizer from moving around when opening and closing your drawer and keeps the ratchet firmly in place in the holder.

We have updated our Ratchet organizer design to allow a wider selection of ratchets to fit. The updated internal spacing of the ratchets are: 1/2" 20.5mm to 21.5mm, 3/8" 16mm to 18mm, 1/4" 12.5mm to 14mm. We have also added 1-1.5mm more length to the male dovetail to give more room between ratchets.


1/2" - 50mm tall with a 21.5mm wide opening
Includes 1 15x5mm Neodymium Magnet in the base

3/8" - 40mm tall with a 18mm wide opening
Includes 1 15x5mm Neodymium Magnet in the base

1/4" - 34mm tall with a 14mm wide opening
Includes 1 12x5mm Neodymium Magnet in the base

Designed to fit most Snap-on ratchets but have been tested with Mac, Gearwrench, Tekton, Icon, JET, Stanley, and other teardrop shaped head ratchets. Does not fit round head ratchets. 
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